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Light in the Darkness

I have been loving Jan Richardson books lately. She is an artist, a poet, and ordained minister. In one of her newer books, “Circle of Grace”, I was struck by a poem entitled A Blessing for Traveling in the Dark.

“But this is what I can ask for you – That in the darkness there be a blessing. That in the shadows there be a welcome. That in the night you be encompassed by the love that knows your name.”

I think this poem in its entirety really moved me, but this last stanza was particularly comforting. As a therapist, I meet people in their darkest moments and it can be heart wrenching to hear stories of pain and to witness the struggle of another human being.

I often explain to my clients that I do not have all the answers, but only have the light to help them take their next step toward healing. Everyone’s path to healing is unique and my role is to guide them toward their own solutions.

I think what makes a good therapist is the therapist’s ability to be in the darkness with another and continue to be a light.