in York County and Central PA


Mini Guided Journal

Throw this mini into your bag and go. Prompts help you focus and express feelings.

Affirmation Coloring Pages

To provide you with focus and relaxation. Use the images and powerful affirmations to recharge refresh and create!

Recommended for anyone struggling with issues related to anxiety, depression. A nice entry into tapping into your own creative spirit.

Remembering our Gifts

A guided imagery CD to increase self esteem and move you toward your goals… Don’t let self esteem issues stand in your way!

Tap into your inner strengths and move forward with your life with this CD. Follow up this experience with your drawings and ½ hour processing session with Karen.

Weight Loss Strategies

Change Your Mind/Change Your Body – This guided imagery CD will provide the tools for you to tap into your weight loss issues on a deeper level.

Follow up this experience with drawings related to unblocking on a deeper level the reasons you have difficulty losing weight.

Experience a live ½ hour processing session with Karen based on the drawings created with this CD.

Calming the Storm

Use this guided imagery CD to relax and overcome anxiety and issue related to stress. Join Karen as she uses words and images to help you dismantle fear and anxiety.

Karen will help you discover and overcome the fear blocks that get in the way of you achieving your goals. Use the drawing techniques provided to move deeper and finally reach your goals.

Experience a ½ processing session based on the drawings created with this CD.


Guided imagery and art therapy for children and those dealing with grief and loss. A guided imagery CD design for healing.

This CD was created to use as a tool for children to feel comfort and begin to process their loss

The Mystical Journal

A guided imagery CD design as an assessment tool for you to tap into your inner strength and help you discover coping skills.

This self guided CD will help you see beyond your everyday experiences and help you tap into a change process on a deeper level. Included in this package is a workbook to guide you through the process.

Two follow up live processing sessions are recommended at an additional charge.

365 Words Journal

This inspirational journal will prompt you each day to draw, write, and connect.

FREE Stuff

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Download this FREE guided imagery audio, designed to help you reduce anxiety and stress and fall asleep fast.

Free Coloring Page Download

Use this coloring page (PDF) to focus your thoughts and calm your mind. Coloring isn’t just for kids! Use this page as a stress reducer and as a tool to carve out a little time for yourself.

Focus on the affirmation, chose your colors and GO! Markers, crayons or colored pencils work best. Purchase my Coloring Affirmation Pages Book for more!!