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Eight Reasons Doodling is Good For You

~ Exploration. Doodling creates the same brain patterns that helps us innovate and improvise. It can ignite spontanity and creative ideas.

~ Concentration. Doodling improves the abilty to focus and concentrate. (Students who doodle in their notebooks often retain more information because they are untilizing both hemispheres of their brains).

~ Memory. Doodlers retain more information. This should be encouraged from childhood to adulthood, because it creates a higher memory capacity.

~ Problem Solving. Because doodling is associative and not linear, it allows you to visualize a problem and create solutions from a wider perspective instead of a narow train of thought.

~ Mental Time Out. Putting pen to paper in a random way limits the focus and allows more space in the brain. This aspect of doodling relaxes the mind and creates a mental Time Out which is refreshing in ths world of hyperstimulation.

~ Seeing The Big Picture. Doodlers tend to be more skilled at seeing the big picture. This seems to be true whether its, a corporate stategist or a parent planning dinner.

~ Multi-tasking. The ability to multi-task is enhaced by stimulating multiple regions of the brain at the same time. It rewires the brain and creates new pathways, that are being trained to operate simultaniously.

~ Outside the Box. Doodling naturally helps to break out of habitual thought patterns and allows freer thinking. It enables the ability to recognize and react to subtle nuances in life.