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Stop and Listen

Another therapist told me about this quote and I started thinking about how we listen. Invariably we want to give advice and make a person’s problems go away. Very often this is not what the person needs. Sometimes one of the most powerful tools to help another person is to just listen without judgment or the intent to solve their problem. Continue reading

Eight Reasons Doodling is Good For You

~ Exploration. Doodling creates the same brain patterns that helps us innovate and improvise. It can ignite spontanity and creative ideas.

~ Concentration. Doodling improves the abilty to focus and concentrate. (Students who doodle in their notebooks often retain more information because they are untilizing both hemispheres of their brains).

~ Memory. Doodlers retain more information. Continue reading

Pockets of Peace

Let’s talk about anger. As tensions rise in the political arena, we are seeing how easily anger and frustration an be ignited into violence. I see this on a daily basis within families as well as my teenage clients.

Anger often stems from a feeling of powerlessness and a perceived lack of control. Continue reading

Is Art Therapy For You?

Ever wonder what art therapists do? Art therapists are trained as psychotherapists with master’s degrees in expressive therapy. We utilize art materials to help individuals and groups express feelings nonverbally. Art therapy is one of the most effective ways to overcome psychological blocks that prevent individuals from reaching their goals. Art therapists utilize the drawings of their clients in several different ways. Continue reading