in York County and Central PA


“I consider myself very blessed to have had Karen Stabley as my Art Therapist. She taught me to trust in her ability to see the big picture; my job was to complete each assignment as thoroughly as possible, and to believe in her expert ability to guide me through this journey. She always greeted me at her office door with a big smile, and because of her patience, kindness, positive attitude, and generous spirit, I was reassured that, even though the journey was going to be a long one, I would succeed and reach my goals. I did! It has been the most rewarding and confident-inspiring road I could have traveled.

For me, the challenge of art therapy was to confront the things in my life of which I was most afraid. I am afraid no more!”

~ Emily

“I picked up a copy of Karen’s brochure one day and considered calling her, but it took me a year and a half until I finally made that call and I can honestly say, it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Making an investment in yourself is the best investment you can make and working with Karen is a great way to do that! I was very nervous when I started meeting with Karen, but she put me totally at ease. We began with a series of drawings and it didn’t matter that I can’t draw at all! She was able to point out insights about me through the drawings and we began working from there.

Since then I have made tremendous progress from a self-conscious girl who spent hours mentally abusing myself, to a self-confident woman who is creating the life that I want each day! I could not have done that without Karen’s support and suggestions of books and other resources that were always right on target for where I was and really helped me grow. I’ve recommended Karen to a number of my friends and I highly recommend Karen to you.”

~ Jenn B.

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